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Proper working practices lead to good results

The law firm Norðdahl, Narfi & Silva strives to ensure that our customers always receive the best possible services available, provided by professionals in the field of law required. Our clients, therefore, may rely on receiving the attention that they deserve.


Immigration Law

We are one the most specialized and successful firms in Iceland in the area of Immigration Law. We have brought good results to hundreds of clients who have trusted in our services to secure their residency in Iceland.


We provide legal assistance to companies hiring foreign nationals. We assess each case and provide the best advice for obtaining a residence and work permit, weather these are specialists seeking employment on the basis of their expert knowledge or foreign nationals seeking a work permit in not specialized fields.


We provide a wide range of legal services for individuals seeking residence permits on the basis of studies, expert knowledge, marriage, and others.

We also support individuals applying for citizenship for the Directorate of Immigration and citizenship for Icelandic Parliament. 

Human Rights Law

We believe that no human is illegal, for that reason, Protecting human rights is one of our core values. At NNS, we are the experts in Humans Rights Law in Iceland.

Individuals seeking asylum and refugee

We provide representation to people applying for international protection and appealing results to the relevant governmental committees and institutions.

Each case is evaluated carefully to be able to provide the best results for each client, which we have successfully done for individuals and families for almost a decade.

Equality & Non Discrimination

Other areas of Human Rights include representation to individuals that have faced discrimination based on their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, and other social statuses. In those cases, we support you informing you on your rights, course of action, and possible compensations.

Family Law

At NNS we provide legal representation in all areas of Family Law.


We assist couples in regards to marriage, wether they are for Icelandic or foreign nationals. Personalized assistance is provided to be ensure to have a successful experience in each part of the process in this important time of your life.

Divorce & Separation

In the event of a separation or divorce, you need someone to hear what you are saying. We support you in this sensitive time of your lives by providing the legal advice you need to protect your rights with the reassurance that you have an ally by your side.

Child Protection

At NNS we have a wealth of experience representing parents and children in circumstances where social services become involved. 


NNS offers legal services in relation to inheritance and handling of estates.

Civil procedure

Norðdahl, Narfi & Silva provides tailored and professional services to individuals, companies and public bodies in all the main fields of civil procedure

Criminal proceedings

Norðdahl, Narfi & Silva undertakes defence services during investigative and court stages. In addition, the firm places importance on claiming damages for unlawful investigative actions and/or in the wake of acquittals.

Legal consultancy

Initiating proceedings is a major and momentous decision. It is important that issues are explored in detail and the appropriate advice given. It is important that issues are explored in detail and the appropriate advice given. In addition, the negotiating position of the party concerned is vastly improved if his/her legal status is properly understood.

The first consultation is for free

The first meeting at Norðdahl, Narfi & Silva is free of charge and without commitment. In certain cases, the law firm undertakes cases where no fee is collected unless the requisite success is achieved. In such cases, the amount of the performance-linked fee is negotiable on a case-by-case basis. In other respects, the fee is based on hours worked. Further information on hourly rates and terms may be obtained from the firm.


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If you have any questions of a legal nature, we encourage you to contact us.

You can send us an email either, use the form below or call us 868 2989.

The first meeting is always free of charge.

The Team

Magnús D. Norðdahl, Attorney and Partner

Magnús D. Norðdahl, Attorney and Partner

Magnús graduated from the Faculty of Law from Reykjavík University in 2014. That same year, Magnús passed his bar exam and established his own law firm, which he has successfully operated for the past few years.

As regards previous employment, Magnús has worked for BSRB – the Federation of State and Municipal Employees, Logos law firm and Vátryggingafélag Íslands (VÍS). In addition, Magnús has a BA in philosophy from the University of Iceland.

You can contact Magnús by calling 868-2989 or by sending an e-mail to 

Guðmundur Narfi Magnússon, Attorney and Partner

Guðmundur Narfi Magnússon, Attorney and Partner

Guðmundur Narfi completed his MA in law at Reykjavík University in 2019 and passed his bar exam and became licensed to practice before the District Courts later that same year. He completed his practical training working for the Competition Authority, where he was given the opportunity to familiarise himself with the procedures and case processing methods of the Authority. Guðmundur worked in the law firm ESJA Legal ehf. while undertaking his studies.

Guðmundur began working for Norðdahl & Valdimarsson in 2018 and worked there until 2021. Guðmundur became a partner at Norðdahl, Narfi & Silva in 2021.

You can contact Guðmundur by calling 659-9006 or by sending an e-mail to

Helgi Þorsteinsson Silva, Attorney and Partner

Helgi Þorsteinsson Silva, Attorney and Partner

Helgi completed his final examinations in the Faculty of Law from the University of Iceland in 2015 and passed his bar exam in 2019. While at university, Helgi was active in social activities and was a member, for example, of the editing team of Úlfljótur (paper published by law students) three times, an assistant to a doctoral student, managing director of the employment committee, participated in moot court competitions and was Orator Oratorum. In addition, Helgi was an assistant lecturer in General Law, Administrative Law and Property Law at the University of Iceland as well as undertook to teach courses for Nobel study camps and Orator in the field of Criminal Law, Administrative Law and Procedural Measures. Helgi has undertaken legal work for the District Court of Reykjavík, the Icelandic Student Loan Fund (LÍN), the Law Institute of the University of Iceland, the Directorate of Fisheries (Fiskistofa), the Hvolsvöllur District Commissioner, and the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iceland, to mention a few.

In 2019 Helgi started working at Norðdahl og Valdimarsson law firm. Later, in 2021 Helgi became a partner at Norðdahl, Narfi & Silva.

You can contact Helgi by calling 868-2991 or by sending an e-mail to

Bryndís Torfadottir, Associate

Bryndís Torfadottir, Associate

Bryndís Torfadóttir completed her MA degree in law at Reykjavík University in 2021. While at university, she was active in social activities; she was head of Málfundafélag Lögréttu, the debating and cultural society of the law students‘ association as well as being on the editing team of Háskólablaðið, the student union‘s magazine. Her previous experience includes working at the Immigration and Asylum Appeals Board, the Icelandic Teachers‘ Union, the District Court of Reykjavik as well as doing an internship at Réttur law firm. She has a strong connection to the performing arts scene in Iceland and is a recipient of Gríman, the Icelandic performing arts award.

Bryndís Ósk started working for Norðdahl, Narfi & Silva in 2021.

You can contact Bryndís by sending an e-mail to

Ósk Elfarsdóttir, Associate

Ósk Elfarsdóttir, Associate

Ósk Elfarsdóttir completed her MA in law at Reykjavik University in 2020. In her master‘s studies she specialized in fields such as refugee law and completed her internship at the Ministry of the Environment and resources. Ósk has worked with legal matters at the Icelandic National Planning Agency and The Housing Financing Fund.

Ósk started working for Norðdahl, Narfi & Silva in 2022.

You can contact Ósk by calling 783-9915 or by sending an e-mail to

Arndís Ósk Magnúsdóttir, Law Student

Arndís Ósk Magnúsdóttir, Law Student

Arndís is a masters student in law at the University of Iceland. In addition to her studies, she has worked in social science research at the University of Iceland, participated in the Legal Assistance of Orator – an association of law students and been the executive member of the bookseller Úlfljót. She has also been active in various human rights activities, including at the Icelandic branch of Amnesty International.

In 2021 Arndís started working at Norðdahl, Narfi & Silva.

You can contact Arndís by sending an e-mail to 

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